Zack Novak vs. Moe Wagner

Who wore the bloodied face look better?

  • Novak
  • Wagner

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I’ve gotta go with Novak.

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Fun Fact – remember who gave Novak the bloody face?

Alex Legion!

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Do we have a cut man on the bench?

If we are doing zany polls, one I’d like to see would be “who gets our first technical foul?” My guess would probably be JB (in the Kohl Center). I could also see Wagner dunking a dead ball or something.

You can post it! Get the party started!

Here’s the syntax

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Cool! Will do, just gotta think of the options. How many poll options can you provide?

I tried to create a poll but I screwed up. I will try to fix it. My bad.

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@umhoops Just figured out you need a space between the hyphen and the poll options. Fixed it. Thanks.

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