You need a couple breaks/plays

You need a couple breaks to go your way to win a national championship. In 2013, even though we obliterated everyone else, we needed Trey’s shot (and a couple other things) against Kansas. In 2014 we got maybe Morgan’s taking a charge against Tennessee but nothing against Kentucky. In 2017, we didn’t really get one, but we did play 3 game within 5 points and lost one. We got the missed front end against Purdue in the BTT and got a BTT championship banner at least. We didn’t get Derrick’s shot to go or maybe a fortunate bounce off the missed free throw or something else. Didn’t play our best game, they shot 47% from 3, we shot 36%, neither completely far off from average but a big disparity, and there it is.

Happy for Walton and Irvin especially that we got that BTT championship and a sweet 16. They’ll still go out able to to proud of their team. And the program gets the deserved reset into what JB provides. If Wilson and Wagner stay for next year, we should be in good shape again to have another shot at it. Can’t ask for more. Tough ending, but for every team but one it always is.


We were fortunate that the Louisville guard Snider shot 0-9 against us.

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