Xavier vs. Missouri tonight

Should be a good chance to see Xavier in action before they head to Crisler on Friday. Will leave this open to post some thoughts during the game which tips at 6:30 on Fox Sports 1.

I’m very very familiar with Xavier’s team as my best friend goes there. The one thing that is key is that Donnal simply CANNOT be given minutes against Jalen Reynolds. Jalen will destroy him. Jalen is super physical and athletic and is very tough (although overly to the point where he once drew a tech in 7 straight games).

Jalen will score every possession against Donnal.

Lets go Xavier!!

It’s never too early to be thinking about SOS and RPI.


Thanks for the info. I set my DVR. 50/50 that I watch the game. If I don’t watch by Friday I’ll never watch.

Missouri is hanging tough early. Leading 27-24 with 3:30 to play in the first.

Bit of a free throw shooting blood bath in the first half… FTA/FGA for both teams hovering around 50% and PPP for both teams just below a point per trip.

Five Missouri guys with two fouls in first half and three players on Xavier (Bluiett, Farr, Reynolds)

37-36 Xavier at the break (FS1)

Trevon Bluiett… Instant offense. Helping Xavier pull away in the final 20 minutes.

Ah, another one that “got away” (sort of). We just haven’t had any luck pulling players out of Park Tudor (we were also in on Yogi).

Friday is going to be a real test for the team. While I hate to say it (and I have a lot of respect for the hard work these kids have put in), I really hope we don’t waste minutes on Donnal and to a lesser extent Chatman. They are not ready yet, particularly Chatman who I think will be a big contributor as an upperclassman.

Jalen Reynolds really struggled (0 points, 2 rebounds, 4 fouls), but Trevon Bluiett carried the offense in the second half (18 pts) and backup big man James Farr poured in 15 pts and 14 rebounds.

Xavier will be a tough tough game, excited to see how this team reacts.