Xavier Simpson:

Didn’t really do much tonight but even in the little glimpses, I see it now. I was very worried, Until a few games ago. This kid will be good. I’m expecting him to be most improved in the big ten type good next year.

Even though he missed that layup, did anybody notice how he got the loose ball or pass and trice was right next to him and in the blink of an eye he created like 7 feet of separation?

I’d love to see him getting more time. Lately good things happen when he’s out there. Take a few minutes from d, maar and zak and get x in there 5-8 more min a game. I think it will benefit now and later.

Fast breaking and running is clearly huge in his repertoire. Let’s hope next year guys can run with him. Athletic finishers will do well with this kid. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but I can really see his future clearer now.


I think people expect some super scorer but he is more TJ McConell or Aaron Craft stylistically


Honestly, if he could be aaron craft I would love it. He is the best defensive point guard I saw in the big ten in the past ten years.

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This was the first scouting report I quoted when he committed, I think he was always a defense-first PG, but the HS numbers threw people for a loop:

Hard-nosed, gritty and thoroughbred winner of a point guard. Simpson is a floor general with a coach’s mentality and has been Ohio’s biggest shot maker in the 2016 class in big games. The reigning Division I Player of the Year in Ohio, Simpson made his case as the state’s top point guard early on as a sophomore, and has only widened the gap ever since. An elite-level defender who is no slouch on the offensive end, Simpson may be undersized, but it is his heart and toughness that sets him apart. One of the best guards to ever come out of Lima, Ohio, Simpson is as composed as they come, and will make for an excellent point guard in the Big Ten. Improving his outside shooting and finishing ability over the last year, there’s really not a whole lot of weaknesses in Simpson’s game. An absolute bulldog on the defensive perimeter, Simpson has terrorized guards across Ohio for the last year threes. Look for Simpson to be a strong contender for Mr. Basketball in Ohio, as his Lima Senior Spartans have a chance to go deep in the state tournament.


Agreed. I think he has potential out of the p n r and to be a very high dimes guy. That said I think he can score. he’s just so quick and I think he’s adjusting on how to find his shot as we speak. I’ve also noticed he understands angles well and is already learning how to use his body. I am very confident now. 25-30 minutes a game comfy for next year.

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I think he scores primarily off catch n shoot 3s, floaters and transition buckets and tops out around that 11-14 ppg range

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Agee on all fronts. I’d add though I think he he will get to the free throw line a bit and I could see a bucket or two finishing at The rim in half court. He understands hesitations well it seems/ change of speed. I think after he abuses them by dropping dimes in the p n r or when he gets in the lane that he will get at least s basket a game like he did versus the Hoosiers. They all play off of him he fakes the pass and keeps it.

I’m back on the train on bring happy we took him over Cassius. Particularly with how are roster is built.

Man I very excited/ happy with Michigan hoops right now.

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Not really a doubt anymore IMO, our SF/PF/C combo next year is the best in the big ten. Our team can be very good next year and it’s going to depend on the growth of our back court. The depth of our front court should be very good as well. Won’t be such a big drop off as recent years. Charles making plays for others could make this team a top ten one if he can do that consistently.

Hope Belein adjusts the offense a bit based on roster. We need dj to step into that go to scorer/ handier role this year. He can’t keep disappearing. At least should be altering shots/ getting o boards/ d boards every have even if he’s off. He’s our X factor this year imo and he will need to embrace the number one or two option role next year. Point forward for large portion of the game. Nice handle and great vision for 6 9 kid.

True. I am confident Simpson can run our team next year and with finishers in Matthews/Wilson/Wagner, should get plenty of assists. His defense will be very nice to have and knowing the defender Matthews is, could be the best defense beilein has had. We have so much potential next year and the fight Simpson and Wagner bring are key to it. Have to bring it every game.

Definitely would prefer Winston. Just think he is an elite offensive player and future AA at this level but X is a great consolation prize.

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I’m starting to come back to x I between those two. I think x’s o will be better than winstons d making him the more well rounded player. Plus beleins teams need that intensify/ d x brings.winston certainly has been much better this year but x is stuck behind Walton.

I think if he had gotten more time early on a worse team that he would have adjusted quicker and been looking good this year on the whole. We will see over the next three years. I just hope we adjust our offense a bit. X won’t reach his potential unless we really commit to running the floor/ fast breaking. I think next years roster can do that. Without that we won’t see how good x would have been.