WOW.. Just Thinking, If we do indeed get a gift in Huff

That Lineup of Kam Chatman, Cole Huff and DJ Wilson. That Lineup Has the Potential to mirror the likes of Jalen Rose/Walt Williams, Tracey McGrady/Paul George and Grant Hill/Scottie Pippen. Make it Happen Cole!!

Are you citing size and length, cause those are some lofty expectations ability wise.

I see a front court way too devoid of rebounding and shot blocking. I see Huff more as a replacement for Irvin.

Huff would play much bigger than Irvin. Irvin is almost exclusively a perimeter player and not a natural rebounder. But let’s face it…under Beilien’s system, our frontcourt is almost always going to be deficient in shot blocking and rebounding. He just doesn’t put that kind of lineup out there. His offenses are heavily dependent on guard play and three point shooting, and he does not emphasize hitting the offensive glass hard. So far, it’s worked pretty well.