Would we accept Monte Morris

If he wanted to come As a transfer if Hoiberg leaves for Chicago? Would he have to sit out a year?

I sure hope so.

He would have to sit a year I believe.

Is this out of left field or do we know he would be looking to transfer if Hoiberg leaves? Iowa State still has some really good players unless they all decide to leave. I doubt Niang would heading into his senior year though

I doubt he’d be looking to transfer but that’d be awesome.

I agree that he’s unlikely to transfer; if he is unhappy if Hoiberg leaves, I think he would be more likely to play overseas for a year and then entering the draft.

I sure as heck hope we would.

I don’t really see the logic in Monte transferring. He’s going to be a junior and Iowa State probably has a top 10, top-15 team no matter who the coach is.