Would anyone be interested

In seeing exactly what JB does offensively on paper?

I have most of his stuff. The issue is its on a paid site that I can’t post a link to because it won’t work. The only thing I can think of is posting screen shots of stuff but that might get hard to put together.

If interested looking for suggestions

Is it from kenpom? what website?

No. It’s from scoutinghoops.com

Gibson Pyper did some really good breakdown videos for us this summer of a number of sets.

I saw it. I have everything on paper. Everything he posted with video. Chin, shuffle, wide pin down. 3 set plays. 18 quick hitters, a zone offense, a couple zone set plays, 5 OOB plays.

Just a thought if you’re interested. I’d give it to you Dylan you can post it on your own if you want.

I’d be interested, but it is a subscription service.