World Cup Open Thread

Any interest in a World Cup open thread for the next month? Personally am a big soccer fan so figured we might as well leave this open for discussion.

Zonal Marking team previews – great read
World Cup TV schedule

Agreed about the Zonal Marking

Agreed about the Zonal Marking

Great stuff at ZM, there’s some pretty cool soccer analytics and writing out there if you know where to find it.

Second what captincork said, those ZM previews were easily the best I’ve seen. I typically rely on The Shin Guardian for soccer analytics, but i’ll definitely be checking out ZM in the future.

Netherlands leading Spain 3-1… Could be a massive result. Also could setup a Brazil/Spain match in the round of 16.

I picked Netherlands and Chile to get out of that group, but I never thought Spain would get routed. I could barely believe that second half.

Reffing has been suspect so far, but I guess that’s expected. Really excited for tomorrow’s slate of games. I think Group C is going to be the most interesting group in the entire tournament, maybe not in terms of quality but every single one of those teams has a legit shot of getting out of the group. And of course, Group D will be very interesting.

Costa Rica pulls off a huge upset by beating Uruguay 3-1!

Wasn’t even close either. Other than the first 30 minutes, Costa Rica looked the better team.

Soli dUSA/Ghana Preview from the Shin Guardian.