Working on our annual Big Ten Top 25 players list

Who would be in your top 5 or 10? Who do you think should make the top 25 from Michigan? Let’s hear it.

Top 10 in order
Carsen Edwards
Ethan Happ
Jordan Murphy
James Palmer Jr
Charles Matthews
Romeo Langford
Juwan Morgan
Cassius Winston
Anthony Cowen
Nick Ward

I would put Matthews, Ignas, Poole and Simpson in top 25 from Michigan.

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I agree with Andreww’s list with the possible addition of Bruno Fernando somewhere in there. If I had to remove one person from that top 10 list to supplant, it would probably be Ward.

Matthews, Poole, and Simpson on the list, with Brazdeikis right on the cusp (26-30).

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I agree that Fernando should be on there, but Nick Ward would definitely stay in the top 10 for me. He’s one of the most productive bigs in the country and will be asked to do even more this year. I also think Ignas should be top 25 regardless, plus Matthews, Zavier and Poole also being in the top 25. Romeo Langford and Ignas are two freshman who i think would be in my top 25 preseason for sure.


Why all the Bruno Fernando love? Just because he shows up on mock drafts and is athletic?

Strictly subjective eye test for me; said athleticism could make him a beast if he’s honed his craft between seasons.

Always seemed like more of an airport all-american than an all-american last year… maybe that changes as a sophomore.

I am kind of with you on Bruno Fernando Dylan. I am a show me person as it relates to his status in any pecking order.

I think andreww’s list is right about it. I’d reshuffle it to this but keep all the same players:

Poole would be number eleven for me.

For fun, my other 14 in no order, off the top of my head: Josh Langford, Brad Davison, Jordan Bohannon, Tyler Cook, Luka Garza, Ayo Dosunmu, Bruno Fernando, Amir Coffey, Iggy, Zavier, Isaac Copeland, Lamar Stevens, Shep Garner and Nojel Eastern.

My gut feeling is that it’s a bit top heavy conference in terms of individual talent this season, but there’s a TON of players in terms of depth in the Big Ten. Trent Frazier is man number 26 on the list for me. Isaiah Washington is a shout too. Maybe Matt Haarms depending on how high people are on him. Kaleb Wesson could? It feels weird listing a ton of players and no one on OSU. Josh Reaves is right on the outskirts too.

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Shep (finally) graduated :slight_smile:

Finally! I couldn’t remember if he had or not. In that case, Frazier makes the cut!

I don’t know how I feel about Cash and Ward just because every time they play Michigan they both completely just get shut down.

I do think Edwards, Happ, and Murphy are the top three in some order.
I think Tyler Cook and Lamar Stevens should be on that list somehow.

I dislike putting Langford in the top ten without him playing a single game yet.