Women's College Basketball

Iowa makes a big score.


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Staying in purple:


I thought she was going back to Louisville

The Cavinder twins are transferring to Miami. One played at TCU and one didn’t play last season. I follow far too much about famous TikTok female athlete stars. lol

Are they the ones who were both at Miami a year ago?

She didn’t play for tcu. She transferred mid season

Yes characters

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TCU seems to be doing work:


The B1G just got tougher.

That’s gotta be the best 1-2 punch in the conference with Juju.

Yeah, she averaged a 19/11 last year next to Brink. USC is going to be the best team in the conference

They brought in an elite recruiting class so they’re going to be at the top for the next couple of seasons at least as long as Juju is there.


Enjoy retirement, coach!

So does this mean Lucy Olsen will be back on the market because Michigan was in her final 5 :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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They promoted from within so we’ll see.