Wisconsin's style offers "unique" challenge ahead of teams' first meeting


I’ve been looking forward to this one as a great test for the defence. As solid as our defence has been over the past number of weeks, staying connected against a team full of shooters like Wisky is much different from staying connected against more offensively challenged teams like Rutgers and Purdue. I actually have zero doubt that good 3-point looks will be hard to come by for Wisky, especially if Eli plays. I’m just really looking forward to watching it play out.

We’ve been snake bitten with teams making an uncharacteristic amount of lucky heaves and in-your-face threes. But if Wisconsin needs to make 10+ against our close out defense, even if our bad luck continues, I’m guessing we will win comfortably.

Nunez might have to give us 5 non-negative minutes if Eli doesn’t play

If this is another game where it becomes hack a X at the end, it would be in our favor to only inbound the ball to Livers that’s shooting free throws at almost 95%.

Speaking of inbounds, this is sorta random but I’m constantly impressed with X’s ability to inbound the ball into tight spaces. There wasn’t a lot of room on many of those late game inbounds we’ve seen throughout the season.


That is what they were doing at Purdue. X inbounding to Livers and Wagner.

I just don’t see Eli not playing in this game. He’ll wear a mask if need be. It’s been 4 days and I don’t recall anyone having to miss a game because of this injury especially with 4 days since the injury.

He was also on Michigan Basketball Instagram story and his nose looked relatively fine. Maybe a little swollen and bruised, but I thought it was hard to notice.

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Yet they’d still put the ball back in X’s hands.

I really don’t think it would be a huge surprise if Eli doesn’t play. There really isn’t a black and white set of expectations with this injury. I saw that picture of him as well and to me the nose looks pretty broken.

And FWIW I think Dot said he doesn’t expect Eli to play this week.

I said this on another thread but Juwan sure didn’t seem too concern when asked about it in yesterday’s presser. Juwan can be a little playful, kinda like Josh Christopher :grinning:, in that he doesn’t always want people to know what he’s thinking!:wink::thinking::grinning:

Wagner and Eli are pretty dependable at the end of games also. Imo

Yeah I got that impression too. By his facial expressions he wouldn’t be a good poker player. A few pressers ago someone asked him if he had discussions with Austin Davis about next year. He didn’t lie but didn’t really answer the question either.

I rewatched the highlights from last year’s Wisconsin game at Crisler, and man, I totally forgot how Charles Matthews went OFF down the stretch. He couldn’t miss.