Wisconsin on the ropes

Upset alert is high. Discuss

Biggest upset in B1G since NJIT game

Nice job Leathernecks! :+1:

This Wisconsin team looks nothing like normal Badgers. Not so stingy defensively and a lack of shooters outside of Koenig on offense

19 days ago…


Illinois also lost to North Florida… Not a great start for the Big Ten.

I’m really happy for WIU. I grew up in Macomb IL, and spent a semester in WIU, and this is by far the best win they had historically. Well deserved!

Wisconsin still at 23 on KenPom. I guess they are very efficient… at getting beat by a low-major on their home floor.

KenPom rankings are mostly just preseason projections for the first couple of weeks.

That’s only because of how heavily weighted the past couple seasons are in his preseason rankings. After a few games, he scraps data from the past couple seasons and when that happens Wisconsin will drop quite a bit.


Thanks for that info, I did not know that. I do remember Pomeroy getting flak a couple years for the way his system overrates Wisconsin. I think the Wisconsin skeptics will be right this year.

It’s early… but Siena hanging with Wisconsin on ESPNU.

Looks like I spoke too soon…

Cool. I grew up about 45 mile east of Macomb in the small(er) town of Virginia. I spent a lot of time in Macomb in my early 20’s.