Why doesn't Dakich wear a uniform?

I know he wants to redshirt, but why not wear a regular uniform? Any ideas (or actual knowledge)?

I believe that anyone who is redshirting never fully dresses.

That has never been the case. Davis dresses, and Hibbert dressed every game last year.

What makes you think he’s not wearing a uniform? He has the standard warmups on right?

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Why is Dakich redshirting? Is he injured?

I’m pretty sure they’d been trying to redshirt him the past 3 seasons (including this one), but obviously the injury situation forced him to burn it the previous 2 seasons. I’m guessing he has full intentions of playing his final year of eligibility on a mid-major squad next year, before he goes into the assistant coach pool.


Yeah, the idea behind a Dakich redshirt is for him to take a grad transfer year at a smaller school.


There have been games this year where Dakich hasn’t been in warmups - wearing a blazer/pants. I don’t recall if it was just a few times or every game to be honest but I am certain there have been at least some games he hasn’t dressed in warmups.


I’m pretty sure he’s been wearing those sweat pants capris or whatever in almost every game. Might have been injured for one, but I didn’t catch it.

Even Charles Matthews wears the warmups on the bench right now.