Why didn't Michigan make the cut for Kevon Looney?

Sounds like it had to do with his parents… Lengthy article here from 247 but the highlights on Michigan:

Many people thought Michigan was high on your list. Is there a reason you dropped them?

I mean Michigan was a great school. It was close to home. But when it came down to it my parents didn’t have as good of a relationship with them as they did with the other 6 schools.

Do different schools have different approaches with you?

They’re all pretty much the same. They keep in contact and come to the games a lot. One thing Michigan didn’t do is I don’t think they called my parents as much as the other schools.

Is that a big factor for you?

Oh, yes. My parents are a big factor in my decision.

Odd. It seems like you always hear about how making a strong connection with recruits’ families is a major point of emphasis for this staff – wonder where/how that broke down in this instance?

Yeah… I think this has more to do with the fact that Michigan kind of fell out of the Looney recruitment for a while, then jumped back in. Other schools might have been there longer and built a stronger relationship with the family.