Who will replace John Beilein?

SI says LaVall Jordan is the top candidate. Tough to disagree.


SI had Sean Miller as #1 to replace Izzo. LOL. Why would Miller leave an already elite program in a warm weather climate to be the guy to follow the EL deity, Izzo? The only assistant mentioned - in a very lukewarm manner - is Dwayne Stephenson as 3rd most likely.
Re: Beilein, LJ would be a great choice and could still be here when Beilein retires. The assistants contracts were just extended through 2017-18, IIRC. I’m not sure that Bacari really has a burning desire to go be a head coach somewhere else and might be content to be LJ’s top assistant. Interesting speculation.

I would agree as well. While Beilein’s system is the foundation, Jordan’s guard development has been huge for the program. Hope he stays around long enough to be possibly named Coach in waiting.