Who picks up Michigan's first technical foul in 2015-16?

Just 4 fun and because Dylan said I could:

  • LeVert
  • Irvin
  • Doyle/Donnal
  • Mo Wagner
  • Albrecht
  • Bench Mob
  • Beilein
  • Someone else

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Bonus points if you guess the opponent and/or specific infraction!

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Looks like it is working to me… nice work.

Wagner should speak only in German so he doesn’t get a Tech.

I voted other…thinking of Coach Meyer!


Good call. I can definitely see Meyer and Crean going for Round 2.

I know Trey Burke got a technical foul for hanging on the rim a couple seasons ago, but aside from the what players under Beilein (if any) have gotten T’d up? Beilein’s players all play relatively composed.

I remember Nik getting a technical for flashing the three goggles somewhere along the way… maybe in New York?

Ahhh, the three goggles.

My buddy text me after Duncan’s 3rd or 4th triple and said “I wish Duncan was as cocky was Nik use to be”. It’s fun to love and root for players that other teams hate lol.

Yup. I think if nothing else Wagner could be that guy for us.

Was doing some technical foul research (for my Xavier preview actually)… the last Michigan player to be whistled for a techincal foul (not a team technical) was Jordan Morgan during the win at Michigan State in 2014.

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I’'m going with Wagner for taunting against NC state.

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Now that’s the spirit! I’m sticking by my pick of Beilein in the Kohl Center.