Who leads Michigan in scoring from every spot on the court?

Is top of the key for three-pointers not tracked or are they lumped into one of the wings based on being slightly on one side or the other of the middle of the arc? I may have missed it in the article so I apologize if this is the case.

I am splitting the two zones at the top of the key into right/left, rather than right/left/middle.

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I guess this shows why it can be a different go to guy every game instead of having one main go to.

My biggest take away from this is that Livers should play more. He is one of Michigan’s best players on both ends by the numbers, and it passes the eye test. I understand the logic for bringing him off the bench (backing up nearly every position), but I can’t help thinking he should replace Iggy as a starter.

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Agreed. I’ve been a pretty big Livers fan this season. Would like to see him play closer to 30 minutes a game than the usual 20ish he gets.

I really think the offense has better flow when he’s out there in place of Iggy.

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Livers can shoot it well and do some different things defensively, but Ignas Brazdeikis is still a lot more versatile offensively IMO. Livers also is somehow a worse passer than Brazdeikis. Key for Livers is to just hit shots when he’s in the game.


IMO Iggy more reluctant to pass than Livers.

Livers has 2 assists in 13 Big Ten games.


Yikes. Livers has shown improvement this year, maybe we’ll see passing as his next step in improving(next year).

To the eye, it seems like Poole is extremely efficient when he attacks close outs and gets to the rim. He does it rather rarely, but to me, it seems like he should use that as a counter to a cold shot that’s bound to happen at times.

You show he is shooting 68% at the rim, but you do mention many of those baskets are easy and assisted. I know they run that play where he seals his chasing defender right under the rim.
I think it would be interesting to see just how many of those ‘at the rim’ baskets are somewhat self-made.

41.5% of Poole’s shots at the rim are assisted, per Torvik.

Yeah, my numbers are a bit different than Torvik (using the x,y location from a different source, not the classification in the official PBPs) but I would assume a similar rate. Poole is pretty capable of creating his own offense at the rim. The reason Simpson is in more of those situations is because he’s by far the best at finding other people as he creates.