Who is your final four

I won my bracket pool last year with a hundred plus entries. I felt like I had a good take on last year. This year I literally have no clue. No elite teams and plenty of good teams, leads me to believe that there are a legit twenty teams who could go final four with the right bracket and luck. Could be a butler or George mason type of year. My top four as of now
Unc,Michigan st,Kansas and Xavier, if I had to pick. My next four would be Oklahoma Kentucky duke(with Jefferson,no without) and Indiana or Maryland. I’m high on how explosive the Hoosiers can be. I like Virginia but their style of play destroys them at times. It allows inferior teams to hang around imo as opposed to just opening up on teams and putting them away.
So many different possibilities as all these teams have weaknesses and strengths. Unc is the best team imo if every team were to play their best game, but we know this is not how things work. Unc can’t shoot and their so inconsistent/roy Williams is overrated to me. So it’s hard to tell if they will show up.

What about west va and both iowas? You just never know. Gotta respect Kentucky too. With a heAlthy pothyress and now that their clicking you Gotta think they might make a run again. Their that good. After that loss to Kansas on the road I was impressed. They should have won.

Duke too. Beating ville, Virginia and unc has got to be best three game run all year.They always get the easy draw and the calls. AlwAys helps. With Ingram coming into his own, they will be tough. Jefferson comes back possibly and that would solidify their depth and interior. Maybe Ingram could pull a melo and put this team on his back as a frosh take duke for a repeat. I think unc will win the rematch though.

Imagine if smu was involved. Going to be a great month and a half.

I think MSU will be in there. They have a little more balance this year and without looking at the stats, I feel like it’s one of the best shooting teams that Izzo has had.

MSU, Xavier, UNC, Oklahoma, Villanova, Kansas would be the favorites IMO

Maryland and Iowa are too inconsistent IMO. Getting there would heavily depend on matchups for them.

Only thing I know Villianova will be out early again in my bracket. The rest flip a coin

UNC and Xavier and MSU and maybe Kansas. If Trier is healthy I could see Arizona bullying their way in.

Villanova always seems like a fraud to me come tournament time but I still wish we had landed Jalen Brunson. He’s not dominant (yet) but should be a nice player for them.

Dark horse would be Kentucky – Jamal Murray is emerging as one of Calipari’s greatest one-and-done freshmen and Ulis is a rocksteady floor general but competition in the SEC is suspect, their front court is shaky, and they seem to struggle away from Rupp. I know it’s hard to beat Kentucky for recruits but if we had landed Murray we’d be a contender – he is everything we hoped LeVert would be (and more). Dude is a straight up playmaker.

Yea I had nc st over nova last year. I don’t like their team.no one else is feeling Kentucky or duke? I gotta stick with unc. Too much talent.

Love Kentucky this year but Cal could screw up. Duke even though they have been winning I’m skeptical on them. Love Ingrahm though.

Take UNC at your own risk if you are thinking about it. Good ole Roy could screw up a wet dream

I have a horrible feeling msu will be going back to back national championships this year and next.

Agreed. They might have the national player of the year this year led by three seniors and they’re only getting better next year…insane

MSU, Xavier, Iowa, Oklahoma for me. Wouldn’t be shocked if any team in the top 25 won it. Crazy year

I can get behind that buckets.

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I know but unc talent is to tempting. I try to pick by if both teSm plays their best who wins? Unc is the answer if that happens. Could be a Kansas year too. deep tough team. I hate them and almost never take Kansas but this year I have a weird feeling they will put it together. Plus they have won a lot of big gAmes

N. Carolina, Xavier, Oklahoma and some strange 8 - 10 seed crashing. Too much parity this year to not believe that Cinderella can’t get there.

Which mid major can do the damage is always the million dollar question.

I use to love picking Xavier when they were under the radar.

I still find it too early to pick final four teams. I would go with UNC, 2 teams from the Big 12, Kentucky. I see a lot of comparisons between the 2014 Kentucky team and this year they struggled early on, got it going, tough loss here or there. The difference is this Kentucky team has more talent than 2014.

ASF good guards always win out in the tourney. Kentucky has that along with size