Which video breakdown do you guys want first?

  • Franz Wagner
  • Jaevin Cumberland

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My rationale for Cumberland being the fact that we’ve seen Wagner’s film a decent amount on here already.

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Both sound great, but I voted Cumberland because I think we have more time before Franz decides what to do and Cumberland just popped onto the more serious radar

Note: I reserve the right to post whichever one I do first even if it doesn’t win the poll :rofl:


The tyrannical regime strikes again!


I’m ok with whichever you post first as long as it’s not a Kiss of Death on recruiting chances :slight_smile:


Surprised by the results of this one, I guess I don’t know my audience. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do we know if Cumberland is visiting soon?

Respectfully, why are you surprised?

I think that Franz has the potential to be a much better player. I guess he is more of a known commodity at this point rather than a new name, though. Shiny new toy situation.

Yes. Your second point is why I voted Cumberland. Curious how realistically obtainable Franz is versus Cumberland. Perhaps there is more immediate interest because a possible commitment can arrive sooner from Cumberland, as well.

Yeah for me, all I know about Cumberland is what the stats say. I’m curious to learn more about him.

Franz is my #1 target among everyone they’ve been in on this cycle, but I have a feeling it may be several weeks before we know anything with him so there’s plenty of time to get his breakdown out there :wink:

But I won’t be opposed to reading/watching a Franz breakdown if you do that one first!

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Maybe I am just biased because I have been looking a long time for Franz film and finally found it :rofl:


An embarrassment of riches, then!

I’ve looked at some Cumberland highlights. He’s a straight sniper that will pullup in your face and launch it off the catch from way out.

He doesn’t look to be too athletic but he’s willing to get to the rim. Poole definitely moved a lot more effortlessly to the rim, while Cumberland exerts a lot more energy to do so. I also don’t think he’s much of a ballhandler, which we need pretty desperately.

He’s got a little Ryan Cline in him for sure which I love, and the fact that he shot 40% on the type of 3s he was taking is amazing. Undoubtedly he’d be our best shooter if he came in.

It’s only been speculation so far, but what do you think the chances are of us getting him?


Whoever you think is more likely to play for Michigan.

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I understand many people wanting Cumberland because we technically know less about him, but there’s a lot of highlights on youtube you can watch for yourself and so it’s pretty easy to see what type of player he is. His playing style is very straightforward and it’s not gonna change.

Franz on the other hand, even though more highly touted, isn’t as accessible, and so it would be so much better to see a breakdown of him in my opinion. He’s also younger and my develop into something.

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