Which Sling TV package for BTN for 2020-21?

Cord cutter here. Sling TV site is totally unclear on which package would include (or extend to) Big Ten Network basketball for this season. Perhaps that’s because things change all the time.

Anyway, who can say with certainty which package to sign up for, for whatever becomes of the '20-'21 season?
Blue + Sports Extra?
Blue + Orange + Sports Extra?
Some other combo?

Thanks for your experience.

Fubo has BTN, FS1 and the other major sports networks.


Just curious, how much do you estimate you’re saving vs a cable/internet bundle and what’s your connection speed?

For me, it depends on how many months a year I need it. I could get an introductory rate from Comcast that is at least pretty similar in price, but I only watch live tv for football and basketball, so most years I go without any service for about 3-4 months. That brings decent cost savings and would be a bigger pain to pull off with, say, Comcast.

The recent price increases for YouTube TV and (more recently) Hulu Live are annoying though, but I guess inevitable.

Sling’s Orange package I think has ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3. Blue package I believe has the Fox Sports channels. BTN is in the Sports Extra portion on the Blue Side.

To get all the games, I had to add the Blue side and the Sports Extra for the season to the already existing Orange side I subscribed to since May. I think you could get just BTN with the Blue side and the Sports Extra. However, you would not get the ESPN’s.

Another aspect. The Orange side allows only one viewer at a time per account. The Blue side allows, I believe, up to 3 viewers at a time. So I gave my dad my login info so we can both watch games on FoxSports (like Wednesday) or BTN (like tomorrow’s game against Penn State) on the same “dime.”


Going from AT&T U-Verse bundle (phone, cable, internet) to Xfinity internet-only plus a $12/month phone plan saved well over $100 a month.

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