Which non-National Championship NCAA tournament game outcome would you most want to change if you could?

Which non-National Championship NCAA tournament game outcome would you most want to change if you could? Can be based on how much farther you think they could’ve gone or just on how much you hated the opponent.

• 1985 Loss to Villinova in 2nd Round
• 1990 Loss to Loyola Marymount in 2nd Round
• 1994 Loss to Arkansas in Elite 8
• 1998 Loss to UCLA in 2nd Round
• 2012 Loss to Ohio in 1st Round
• 2014 Loss to Kentucky in Elite 8

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I would go with '94. Would have given Jalen and Juwan their 3rd Final Four and I think they could have beaten Arizona to play Duke again for the Championship. Rematch of early season game.

2nd would be '14. Would have been awesome to go back to back. But I think Wisconsin would have beaten us in the next game.

2011 Duke. I still feel like that team was just beginning to peak. Could have easily stayed hot and went to the final four.

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14 Kentucky. I was at that game and in the moment it almost felt very symbolic of the program. You knew this was likely the last time Stauskas, GRIII, McGary would be on the sidelines. That Kentucky team was loaded and back to back UM final fours would have set that group of guys apart historically. Not alot of recruiting classes make two straight final fours especially in this one and done era but we had the chops to do it.

When I look back on that year, I still shake my head because I really thought it was going to end up an MSU/UM title game. Shabazz Napier and Aaron Harrison had other plans but it sure was close.

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I still think msu was the best team that year. They played terribly against uconn. They just kept shooting threes I didn’t get it.

I obviously feel like had we had Mitch we would have best Kentucky. They did seem to struggle a bit with him early in the year but I think they would have figured it out.

[Edit: I read this thread as non-national championship or ncaa tourney game, my bad]
Indiana at home in 2013. Absolutely brutal.

In another non NCAA tourney game, I really wish we had beaten MSU in the 2014 big ten tourney. Not only would we have had an opportunity to actually take control of the rivalry, sweeping them 3-0 in a year they were good, but we’d also prove we belonged at the top of the B1G. Of course the fact that we got blown out made it even worse, and we haven’t beaten them since that year.

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Kentucky for sure. Still have nightmares from that game. Miss that team with a solid Walton All American Levert and Stauskas athletic Grob and Gritty Jmo. Miss that team.

We beat Kentucky by 6-10 points with McGary in my opinion. We just had no answer for them inside. It still drives me nuts that Caris played perfect D on that last shot too.

The fact that a team of Darius Morris, Stu Douglass, freshman Hardaway, Zack Novak, and freshman J-Mo had an open look to tie a Duke team with Kyrie Irving, Nolan Smith, Miles and Mason Plumlee, Kyle Singler, and Seth Curry still amazes me. That core of players just constantly overachieved, and I loved so much about how they played.

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