Which Michigan player will improve the most?

Two questions: (1) Which returning player will improve the most this year. My choice is Chatman.
(2) Which player’s improvement would most help the team? My choice is Doyle. I thought that Ricky played well for a freshman, but if he gets better conditioned, stronger and improves his skill level this year (defense and offense), he could have a huge impact on the team, since we are pretty solid at the 1-3 positions.

  1. My choice is also Chatman, though I would choose DJ, but I’ll disqualify him.
  2. I think Donnal getting better would best help the team. If he can maintain a 240 weight, bruise downlow and pick-n-pop I think he’ll terrorize defenses as a “backup”

1)DJ Wilson, 2)Chatman

  1. I REALLY hope chatman or donnal
  2. anyone of the bigs but mainly doyle

Walton. I suspect that if he wasn’t injured last year, we would have seen tremendous improvement from him. So I expect to see it this year. It would be great if Chatman and Doyle both made sophomore strides as well.

The two players that “NEED” to be most improved are Chatman and Donnal. I have a feeling the ones that will be are going to be Doyle and MAAR.

  1. Walton - I think he is gonna have a pretty big year. Great work ethic and I’m sure missing much of the season will stick in his craw
  2. Donnal - it would be great if he could be a solid option at the 5 off the bench. Kinda terrified if Doyle gets into foul trouble frequently