Where would GRIII and Mitch McGary have gone in the 2013 NBA Draft?

GRIII to Pistons at 8 over Caldwell-Pope
Mitch McGary to OKC at 12 over Steve Adams
Michigan could have had 4 first round picks this evening. Glad they only have 2.

They would have been top 20 for sure I think… Where will they go next year? I’m not sure they are top-20 locks by any means.

I agree with Dylan, they’re not top 20 locks, but I think the NCAA tourney run may have run off and hurt them a bit this year if they had entered. I think they will both benefit from an additional year in Beilein’s system. I think they are both in good shape for 1st round picks, though I doubt they will be lottery picks. That said, two first round picks next year is still very possible imho.

I know everyone says next years draft will be incredible, and it probably will between Kentucky’s class and Andrew Wiggins. But I think the extra year will help make MM and GRIII more Pro ready than they would have been this year.

It really depends on GRIII’s handle and outside stroke. If he’s able to put the ball on the floor and space the floor, I think he could go in the top five. Realistically, though, late teens would be a decent expectation if he is able to improve at all.

If Mitch is able to keep developing that elbow jumper and his free throw shooting, he could go in the top five, regardless of how everyone else in the draft performs.

So it seems shooting will have a big impact on draft stock for both of them.