Where can we find players' +/- stats?

I feel like I used to know where to find this, but I’m striking out in my current search.

Anyone know where to find plus/minus stats on college players?

I asked Drew Hallett on Twitter during the Minnesota game (I was wondering how awful Ricky Doyle’s +/- was during Big Ten play). He said Stat Sheet used to, but not anymore, and that he doesn’t know of any site that currently does.

Stat Sheet used to, but it is no longer around. I’ve been playing around with some of the data, but haven’t gotten it all cleaned up. Not sure how valuable it ends up being either.

I feel like, used responsibly, it’s pretty useful. I can’t remember - did anyone used to restrict plus/minus to non-blowout minutes and the like?

I have some hypotheses that I’d like to test against plus/minuses to see if I’m totally off base.

It can also be used not as something you look at in aggregate, but as something that helps you understand what happened in certain games. It can tell you if a guy is a particularly bad matchup for a particular type of team, for example.

I’m most interested in, say, a guy’s plus/minus in non-blowout minutes, versus top 25 teams, or alternatively, top 50 rpi teams. I think that can be useful information.