When is our next commitment?

If MSU gets Montaque Gill-Caesar for 2014 then we’d probably have the inside track on Eric Davis. I don’t really see Kansas or Kentucky making him a priority over some of their other targets.


  1. Not sure why, but I feel like Coleman will be the next to drop, probably sometime in the spring.

  2. Kennard obviously loves UK, as he grew up a UK fan, but he’s also not a great fit there. Sure, it’s possible he commits there and does it soon. It’s also possible he and his family think about the decision logically and do something else. I love it when people predict something “will” happen, as if they know for sure. People thought Chatman to AZ was a lock, and Blackmon to UK was a lock. Do I think we are likely to get Kennard? No. But our coaches know the chances better than any of us, so if they continue to recruit him hard, there must be a reason.

  3. I think adding a new 2014 wing will depend in large part on whether we think Nik leaves, whether we land any 2015s anytime soon, and whether we like our chances with the 2015 wing recruits. I would bet in favor of it right now, though. This staff has made some great late additions (Levert, Spike).