What will it take?

After an inspiring win last night, and with 7 regular season games left, what’s it going to take for us to get into the tournament? I say 5-2 to put us at 20-11 (10-8) should do it. Anything less than that and we’d have to do serious work in the Big Ten tournament to make the dance.

Sounds about right.
24 hours ago, i didn’t think this was worth talking about.

With how weak the bubble is, I think 19-12 (4-3 rest of the way) and 1 BTT win would do it putting us at 20-13 overall

Sweeping Indiana would really really help. If you can make a legit argument that we belong over MSU and IU, I think we’re in. In that scenario we would likely end up as the 5th big Ten team

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I think getting to 20 wins (whether it be regular season or BTT) can get us in.

I think 9-9 in conference would be a pretty solid spot, but yeah you probably don’t want to lose the first game in DC either.

The ‘worst’ or easiest path to 9-9 would probably mean wins @Rutgers, @NEB, vs. Wisconsin, vs. Purdue. Maybe swap one of those home wins for @IU/@NW/@MN.

No matter how you slice it … IF Michigan gets to 9-9 it would fix the biggest problem with its resume (road wins) and add a few more top-50 wins to the mix. And it would have basically no bad losses.


Pretty wild that anything between 0-5 and 5-0 seems entirely possible, between the pandemonium of the conference and the extreme inconsistency within our own team.

The way I view it:

MUST-WINS: @rutgers, @nebraska

50/50: @IU, @Minnesota (I think we take 1 but not both of these)

Must steal one: Purdue, Wisconsin (not confident at all)

Huge wildcard game: @NW (playing them without Scottie Lindsey would be a completely different game than if they are all healthy)

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I’m still holding firm that 9-9 is going to be a darn near lock (even though they’ll be classified as a bubble team).

I truly think at 9-9 you’re more arguing are you in the play-in or safely in, versus are you in the tournament.

I know these “experts” can be hit or miss, but when you have people like CBS’s Palm putting them in at 4-6 in conference (before last night’s win), then a .500 conference record would do it. I think those with Wichita St, Illinois St and MTSU in the bracket are vastly overrating them. Wichita and Illinois St’s resumes are close to awful.

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Wait. The BTT is in Washington DC this year?! What in the world?!?

We’re not going 0-5. 5-0 is more realistic then that imo. If I had to wager one or the other. I really think we gotta go 3-2 on the road. Ending the season with one or two road wins is not a good look. Even if we some how did the inprobable and beat Wisconsin and Purdue, if we go 2-3 or 1-4 on the road were toast imo barring a deep big ten tourney run. Even with how great those two wins look plus are others. To say Michigan had only one or two road wins just sounds bad. Luckily I’m betting we get hot here and win ever road game sans Indiana. I really think we can do it.

I’m thinking Blackmon will be back Thursday night against Purdue. It’ll be interesting to see how effective he is if he does play.

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The B1G is rotating the tourney site among Chicago, Indy, and D.C. Gotta have that east coast footprint!

I definitely plan on watching that game tonight

Also NYC in 2018.

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That’s so far away though haha. Nebraska/Minnesota might as well be on the other side of the world.

I guess living 2 hrs from Indianapolis and Chicago have spoiled me for too many years…