What to watch for: Saginaw Valley State


For anyone who might want to skimp on BTNplus :rofl:


Bless up, Ant

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Anyone know if BTN will broadcast the replay later on its regular channel?

FWIW, I do recall seeing the past BTN+ games on YouTube after they first aired.

For anyone near AA there are tickets at great prices on the resale market. I got my ticket a couple of weeks ago, paid what I thought was a good price for a decent seat but in the upper bowl. I just saw two tickets in the lower bowl for less than what I paid for the upper bowl row 29 ticket I have! Some of these are a steal! Just in case anyone wanted to know!


I wonder how zone defenses fair against ball-screens compared to man. I’m thinking of the MSU game last year where they repeatedly made Teske run out and hedge Wintson on ball screens. If you play zone, you avoid that but probably open other things up.

They often show it 1-3 days later on regular BTN through their “Student U” programming. Looking at the upcoming TV schedule on the BTN website, looks like the only opportunity is on Tuesday at 9am Eastern, but they haven’t yet specified what game they will show…could be one of the other B10 school’s opening exhibition.

There are all different sorts of zone defenses but yeah, they can neutralize ball screen action a bit but you are usually giving up things like a) more threes b) more offensive rebounds c) more assisted field goals.

Will be interesting to see how and when Michigan uses it.

They usually do within 48 hrs.

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Yeah in previous years I watched a replay the same weekend. Hoping they do that again

If anyone does get keyed into a replay, it would be great if they relayed that info

How do you watch? You have two options: Head to the Crisler Center or sign up for a monthly subscription to BTN Plus for $9.95.

When I read this, my first thought:


I have to say the BTN+ game last year was not at all worth it. The production quality and the level of play were both pretty pathetic (I believe Michigan trailed for much of the first half against someone terrible like Holy Cross).

I will say I’m tempted to try it again this year just because we haven’t seen this team at all.


I’ll probably just fire up the gamecast and the old time radio


The student broadcasters had high, sharp pitched voices. Wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to listen to the commentary.

In case you didn’t Know Mark Williams did commit to Duke today per Rivals.
Hunter Dickinson and girlfriend you can come to Michigan now. Where it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine!


It’s actually $15/month now, what a racket.

I believe you can buy $10/mo for just Michigan.