What to watch for: Northwood

Student announcers tonight!

They are the worst lol.


boom goes the dynamite, tonight.


Personally, I’m just happy I get to watch some Michigan Basketball! I watched the women’s game last night and the student announcers really weren’t half bad. They are certainly not polished pros, but I appreciate that they have the opportunity to go out and practice their craft and hone their skills.

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I know no one will agree with me but I just have a “feeling”
Isaiah will start tonight. I’m not looking for an argument. Just a feeling I have. I certainly could be wrong. We’ll see. I’m anxiously awaiting tip off!

Wish there is a way to block the sound track of the commentators.

I don’t think it matters much who starts at the 4 tonight, or that it tells us much.


I’m sensing a poor peformance from Poole.

What I want to see tonight, is how they plan to use the 5 position in the offense. Will they try to get Teske and Davis the ball in scoring position and will they do it early and often?

It will be fun to see what the freshmen can do, but I don’t think we should expect too much this early or be too disappointed if they don’t look quite up to speed.

I agree, but I do think he’ll start. Again, could be wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see. Tip off in four and a half hours.

Going into the year, I liked the idea of Brazdeikis as a guy who comes off the bench but plays more minutes. Livers’ ankle injury seems to have made that less of an option though.

It might also balance out the high usage guys, with Livers being more comfortable as a support player to Matthews, Poole, and Simpson, who all seem likely to have the ball a lot. If Iggy has more of his minutes with Brooks on the floor, that might alleviate some of the problems (1) with having only one ball between Simpson/Poole/Matthews/Iggy and (2) with reduced playmakers if Brooks, Livers, and a center are on the court together.

But if those four playmakers can figure it out, the offense could really take a step forward.

I think some of those concerns can be alleviated since Beilein doesn’t typically do a fulll 2nd unit normally, at least as much as I remember. We don’t have to put Brooks in and take out all the other playmakers. And considering we have 4 “playmakers” and only a 4 man bench at most, at least 2 should be on the court at all times.

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In some cases turning off the center speaker if it’s a surround system gets rid of them. With BTN student audio? Eh, it’s probably not even in stereo.

So I was wrong, Iggy starting! Go Blue!!!


I thought they both played well.

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Oh, I do, too, Champions. Watching Iggy tonight, especially in the first half I can see why he started. I think. playing for a coach like JB, we’ll see Iggy become essentially unstoppable at times. I think his vision and ability to facilitate will develop greatly during the year, but boy, oh boy, he just has a knack for getting to the rim and scoring. I just hope he sticks around for a bit 'cause with the development of a solid and consistent outside shot, which I think will happen under Coach B, there won’t be many college kids who will be able to stop him.

As for Isaiah, I REALLY like the kid and always have. He was way too deferential last year. I see him being more aggressive in the half court this year, not Iggy or Charles aggressive, but more aggressive. I also think he has a beautiful stroke from three and when that shot goes in consistently, and it will, what a weapon he will be. And how 'bout that athleticism?!?

I think Isaiah will embrace the sixth man role. He seems to be all about the team. Paired with either Charles or Iggy along with JP, and with facilitators like Zavier and Eli, I’m looking for a very good year for Isaiah. I see Isaiah playing like a starter in that sixth man role.

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