What to watch for: Michigan vs. Rutgers Part III

Anybody want to watch at O’Rileys downtown tomorrow? Sitting at the Fieldhouse now, bummed, but understand. Waited 4 years to get this tournament back in Indy and now going to have to wait another 2 :cry:

We’ll be there. Bummed, and I don’t understand.

You don’t understand that there’s a pandemic going on and the government is taking a cautious approach?

You may not agree, but surely you must understand.

Your reoly made me rethink everything. Thank yoy.

What to watch for: whether this game even happens


Gotta feel unlikely at this point.

This is so depressing


You think their cancelling?

The NBA just suspended its season.

I know, but that’s because a player has a confirmed case. That’s a bit different. If there is a confirmed case on a team still playing then i could see it.

Also it’s only suspended til further notice. I bet it restarts in a few weeks.

Feels like that may just be a matter of time.

I get the no fans but the season is ridiculous imo until we have a confirmed case on a d 1 team involved.

It just seems drastic. The flu is still king and we don’t suspend seasons over that. This is more contagious and harder to track , I get that, but I want some hard evidence if I’m in charge. Go out test all the teams , get them kits ASAP, collect the info and then go from there.

It should restart in two weeks which is the absolute longest known incubation period for the virus.

I’ve said for many years that home test kits need to be available for everyone. If you feel bad take a home test if positive then stay home, though many employers have made that almost impossible.

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But the Caronavirus is 50 times more deadly than influenza.

I think you’re really missing the point here. Even if we don’t have a confirmed case on a d1 team as of now, today’s events should really show you how quickly that could happen. And it’s simply not just so easy as getting test kits and testing everyone. There aren’t a lot of test kits out there right now, and they’re very very expensive. Each team would probably require around 25 tests for essential personnel. You’re probably looking at around 100 teams that would need to have everyone tested. That’s just way to many tests to spare just so the NCAA can play the tournament. The smart thing to do is just to cancel it. Will that happen? Who knows.

And we absolutely need to stop with the flu comparisons.


No, I’m actually not missing the point. As I just laid out the differences between the two . It’s not rocket science. I don’t agree that the whole world has to come to a halt, that is all.

The flu comparisons are just brought up a lot because it kills 80,000 people per year if I recall correctly ( Wikipedia says 61,000 annually since 2010). Yet there isn’t meltdowns or total shut downs. I’m willing to bet this virus doesn’t reach anywhere near that.

I can agree that playing the games in front of no fans to avoid large crowds certainly makes sense but canceling the games themselves for March madness and conference tourneys seems premature,

Which is quite an indictment of our healthcare system.