What to watch for: Michigan State at Michigan


KenPom pegs the Wolverines as 68-67 favorites, giving them a 54% chance at earning the rivalry split.

oh, should be a nice, relaxing win, then. write it in pen now.


Baker is my wild card for Michigan. In the first game, he missed a couple open threes in the first half that would have been huge. If he has a good game on Saturday, I think Michigan wins.

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Yeah, his shooting is a huge X-factor especially with how dependent MSU’s D is on teams missing threes.

MSU wins when teams don’t make threes. U-M tends to win when Baker makes threes.

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“I’m that dude,” Hunter told Izzo over and over again. Be that dude, Hunter.


That shirt should have immediately caught on fire the second it touched Jordan Poole’s skin


OMG that’s just perfect right where it is

( Today, here and now, he seems like he was a lockdown defender here)

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No matter what size I wear it just won’t fit.


Do we know if Baker is playing today after he left the Wisconsin game with a rolled ankle?

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Another game that should be a Michigan win, which too readily sets up as a fantastic “emotional win” for an MSU team hurting after the events of last week, etc., with banner headlines at ESPN and elsewhere. Please prove me wrong, Michigan!

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Where I’m at as well. This is why it’s important to sweep them in years like 2020 when our team is clearly superior. I am hoping to enjoy this game but expect to very much hate it.


Emotional hedge bet seems like good value tonight -MSU ML at +115. Either MSU comes out flat or they win big. I can’t see Michigan winning a close game in this spot after the last two collapses.

You are welcome if I just jinxed myself on a $5 bet.

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I’m betting on my whiskey. My bet is going great so far.

I think I will join you on that whiskey.

Best $5 I’ve ever spent for that jinx.