What to watch for: April evaluation period


Reminder: Recruit names should always be linked to profiles which should have some subscriber video if you ever need a refresher on a different prospect.

I’ll do my best to keep our profiles up to date (seems to be an issue right now with ranks being pulled in) and will add profiles/videos/threads as new targets arise.

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Didn’t see Scooby Johnson’s name mentioned in this article (maybe I missed it?). Webb had mentioned things had cooled there (and didn’t think it was due to the MSU offer but had to check), not sure on whose side that was on.

Mentioned him in the section that talked about all of the offers, referred to him as Carlos not Scooby, but he’s in there.

During this evaluation weekend, why haven’t I seen any mention of Walker Kessler?

Mentioned him in the article. He plays on the Adidas circuit and right now it appears that Beilein has spent most of his time at UAA (Friday night) and Nike EYBL (Saturday).

There also appears to be a lot more media at EYBL, so you hear more about what is happening there.

From what you have heard, Is Beilein still very interested in Kessler? Is Kessler interested in Michigan?

It was my understanding that Kessler was leaning towards moving up to 2019 and possibly joining Duke. Then he reverted back to 2020 when Duke no longer had a 5 position spot in 2019. Is he now leaning towards Duke in 2020 or is Michigan again on his list?

Michigan was always on the list for 2020. 2019 wasn’t a option for Michigan. Personally I feel like he’s likely not coming to Michigan. Feel like he will stay in the south.

Random question, when is the next live period for coaches? Confused by the new model.

Outline of the whole spring and summer calendar is in the first part of the article.