What the western Kentucky?

So, what the h is going on with the Hilltoppers? Five star Robinson, 4 star Anderson, lamonte bearden ( really wish we added him) and diagne former cuse commit.

I mean bearden made a lateral move school wise, but this class is serious. I’m sorry it just seems really odd to me. We know the state of Kentucky loves its hoops, at all costs… Seriously though if it’s not shady then good for them. Maybe they become a new butler, or gonzaga

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Rick Stansbury is their head coach. Former head coach at Mississippi State. Is known as a big time recruiter.

I think “big time recruiter” is a very nice way to put it. For those who may be skeptical, google Renardo Sidney.

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Should’ve put it in quotes, “big time recruiter.”

Don’t worry, the NCAA is all over it.

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Jeff Goodman
Sep 21

Multiple coaches telling me recently that they are bowing out of recruitments when Rick Stansbury gets involved.

Steve Lappas
Sep 21

@GoodmanESPN I recruited against him one time and that was it. Done !He actually showed up during my home visit with a kid!! Believe that?

Classless, honestly

He’s dirty as hell and always pulls in top classes but has never made it out of the first weekend of the tourney.

The sarcasm/truth of that makes me want to puke.

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Mark Gottfried, Steve Lavin. Pat Kennedy.

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