What the Miami Heat's offense can teach us about Michigan under Juwan Howard


Delicious. Hungry for this to help make sense of the SVSU game. Eagerly awaiting consumption this evening.


Thanks for this. It really makes sense to flow into actions before the defense can “settle in”. Love seeing the break downs. Seems like this approach might be more talent dependent, hence recruiting more aggressively, do you think?


Will defer to Eric, but I definitely agree with this. College offenses are more complex because a lot of them started at lower levels where there isn’t as much talent and the offense has to do more work to create an especially easy shot.

In the NBA, you need to create minimal leverage or advantages for a player and they can still score effectively.


Generally, I would say talent wins out regardless of “system.” To Dylan’s point, I would also mention that, depending on the team, there are some complex offenses in the NBA, too. With that being said, because of the 24-second shot clock, every NBA team has early offense or quick-hitter plays such as these.

I wouldn’t necessarily characterize this approach as requiring more talent to be successful, but I think it is easier to implement the sets I highlighted and be adaptive to your personnel. And it certainly helps to run these types of plays with more talent, who can more easily create leverage and better shots (which impacts recruiting decisions). Hopefully that makes sense.

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This makes prefect sense, thank you. My thinking has been, for years, that talent allows you to play faster so I think I need to broaden that perspective a bit.

If you think on a possession basis, playing faster should exaggerate any talent difference and remove some of the margin for error. The more possessions in a game, the closer both teams should end to their average efficiency.

A low possession, high 3-point volume game is ripe with variance which is why you see a lot of underdogs in the NCAA Tournament play that style.


I like it! Obviously it will be a transition from the system that Beilein use to run which was a lot of screens and had a heavy emphasis on shooting the 3. Glad that Howard is focusing on more post plays because it means that there will be more rebounding and attacking the paint.

Thank you Eric . This was nice info to digest.