What just happened

I can’t help but feel we are better than them. I can’t figure out how this got away so quick. I felt like that second half flew to. I felt like our offense wasn’t even that bad although the stats showed other wise in second half. Gotta make bunnies/ open looks.

I really thought we were the better team to. Disgusting. How’d we let that get away?

Their players are better than our players

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See with Wagner playing and playing well I like our team more.

Irvin and Duncan are the same player, why would you ever play them at the same time? Especially when they can’t shoot (which is their only plus skill)?

What are you talking about? Zak does way more then Duncan and can defend better as well. Just stop.

I could not disagree more. He is a matador on defense.

And their coach

Our two supposed best players have been terrible for weeks. That game is all on Irvin and Walton and that is what gives me almost no hope for the future.

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We will be a perennial bubble team until JB is gone.

Some people around here will paint that as a good thing. People like you and me will not accept it.

Don’t feed the trolls!

Our defense really failed. They started attacking the hoop which created so many more scoring opportunities (foul line, kicks, easy buckets).

How sad that when we were on offense, Pflueger could handle our guards yet Robinson would get blown by anyone who wanted around.

Anyone know what conference/league the African American ref last night was from? I thought he made some interesting calls against us and his consistency could be questioned.

I do not think we lost by any means due to refs, but I do not believe he in particular helped us in any way.

I kept thinking he had to come from a less physical/slower paced league??? Insight?