What is and isn't working for Charles Matthews, and eight other things to know about Michigan hoops

I am fine with Matthews continuing to take midrange jumpers as it has always been a big part of his game, as you pointed out. I think he is just in a dry spell.

It has really been all season. Outside of three games near the beginning of the year, he’s been a ~15% shooter from the midrange this season:


Awesome article. Really appreciated the charts/graphs. Small note: JP’s shot was in Wichita, not Tulsa. I think those cities could easily be confused though :slight_smile: .

I think if he keeps working on it in practice, he can regain his prior form. Some want him to stop taking that shot, even when he is open. I don’t.

Lol. Oops no idea how I messed that one up. Five days in Wichita was very memorable…

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I too like the charts and graphs. I think Matthews mid range shot will come around very soon. Some of those misses are pretty close makes though. I think Iggy needs to make on the move adjustments on his drive. He’s learning to battle the physicality in there the B1G teams bring.


IMO, the thing with Charles is that he takes bad mid-range shots. That stop and turnaroudn fadeaway shot is not easy when you are an untalented shooter. There are a lot of scenarios where he doesn’t have to fade and does anyway, or he should go to the basket and try to finish over the defense instead of fading.

Not all mid-range shots are the same.


I think there are two issues: (1) Matthews shouldn’t be taking fadeaways early in the shot clock or when he could be getting to the rim; and (2) that they haven’t been going in. As long as he continues to show improvement in the former, I’m not worried about the latter.

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I have commented a couple of times on the degree-of-difficulty in Matthews mid-range shots. But, I didn’t realize that many were early in the shot clock, making them that much worse. I think if he would stop the turnaround fadeaway and stick with simple drop-back or post up J’s his groove might return in that range. I sure hope so.

IMO Charles taking the fading shots is ok as long he thinks of it is as a low percentage shot that is merely a set-up for a very high percentage move/shot: More “up and under” moves and shots please!

I really think he would convert on 80% of his up and unders but he rarely does it.