What do we need to change?

The new forum is here… Sound off and let us know.

Minor quibble: Is there any way to not have the same visual cue for a locked thread that we have for a subscriber-only thread?

When a thread gets shut down, maybe we can go with a skull rather than the lock symbol? :slight_smile:

I can look into it but seems pretty minor considering not many locked threads (and they’ll immediately fall down the board). They are different in the sense that one is next to the category and one is next to the thread,if you are trying to tell them apart.

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On a mobile phone, when on the Forum page, when attempting to click ‘UMHOOPS’ in the top right corner, would like the page to default back to umhoops.com and not the forum page.


Totally agree with this. I believe there used to be a little house icon that took you to the blog from the forum on mobile, but that went away at some point.

Yeah, I will work on adding some better integration back to the website up there.


Home button, nice.


Probably will tweak it a bit more, playing with different options.

When reading a post is it possible to sort by new?

If I’m entering a past thread that has 6.3k messages, I have to scroll forever to get to a relevant discussion.


I only recently started following the forums a lot more post Beilein exit, and so maybe there is a way to do this, but I haven’t figured out how yet… It would be nice if there was a way to group comments that have been replied to. I use mobile exclusively, and it’s hard to follow what comment has been replied to. I know you can tap on the reply icon and shoot up to the comment that was replied to, but that starts to get pretty old.