What could have been

I get it. Wishful thinking, pipe dreams, coulda/shoulda/woulda.

But, I have to ask… if Ben Simmons comes here, do we win it all?

Kid can’t shoo?. Best case scenario is Aaron Gordon at the next level (we’d take that, right?). Put him in the middle of our offense and what are we?

I know, whats the point of the thread right? Maybe this becomes a sales pitch to the next kid who is him (or similar - Jaylen Brown) who sees this and realizes that JB will surround the right big guy (MITCH!!!) with the best guards/wings and let’s see what happens. I’m telling you, if I’m a kid like him, I look at what could surround me in that type of offense and I don’t care that they don’t throw it in like a kid like Stone or Bryant needs because I’m best rolling to the rim or throwing it down to me to draw the double so I can hit the wing.

Even a kid 2/3 of his ability makes THIS team so dangerous.

What could have been!

So what other kids that are playing today make this team a contender? I said Sabonis/Gonzaga previously.

Does Jaylen?

Not a dream team scenario but what ONE KID turns this season into our year?

Any plus big man in the country. We desperately need a big man who is actually better than the opposing one in the big ten. Almost every team in the big ten has a better big than us. A hammonds would do wonders for this team. Especially on defense which our bigs are absolutely terrible at that end.

Swannigan. He has exactly what we are missing and would actually be a solid fit in JB’s system.

Swanigan would be nice too. His rebounding is amazing.

I don’t disagree with either of you but I’m not sure that either of them make us a contender. Sabonis likely does. Simmons (hard not to like the fit of the #1 draft pick).

I’m thinking that our system really screams for a mobile big kid who ISN’T really a back to the basket savant and I don’t say that just because some on the board think JB’s system doesn’t throw the ball down low.

If we go the NBA route, it’s a player in the Tyson Chandler/Deandre Jordan mold or of course Andre Drummond.

Don’t they make this system hum? Simmons is the pipe dream but even he’s not really a great back to the baskt guy. A big guy with his vision and threat to just blow up and rise up on you would turn these current players into guys that I’m real proud of because of how they are fighting most nights into a show.

But in thinking about it, I think a Hammonds might hurt us rather than help us. Sure he’s a big guy who (this year) is a plus but overall I"m not sure he’s what makes this thing work

Anyone think that Olah makes this team a threat to play on the last weekend?

I don’t think any one player makes us a contender (assuming Caris is injured). We’re a guard and a center away from that IMO.

I disagree. Adding Ben Simmons to this roster and we are a final four team. He’s that good and fits that perfectly adding jaylon would be similar. With jsylkn were a shoe in sweet sixteen. Swanigdn and stone too. Give us either stone or Swanigan and we also are a shoe in sweet sixteen, with final four potential. Any of those stud freshman make us a top fifteen team. Ellenson too for Marquette. Any of those five freshmen change us from a ceiling sweet sixteen roster to a team who’s floor is the sweet 16.

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As much as I hate to even mention his name because of how he played against us when we last faced him but I would bet Marcus Lee pushes us to a level that would be interesting.