"We need him": Youssef Khayat to fill crucial role at Michigan


Great piece! Sometimes, Juwan gets so caught in his clichés and mantras that I have to take the words with a grain of salt. But as you pointed out in the article, his face and demeanor was telling a different story. Pumped for Yo-Yo!!


I definitely have a harder time reading Juwan still than Beilein as far as when he talks about players. You could pretty easily read Beilein’s real level of excitement if you watched him long enough while I’m still trying to get there with Juwan. I do think that he went pretty far out of his way to be over complimentary about Khayat when in reality he could have just said, I haven’t even seen him in person or worked with him in person. Thought that was at least interesting.


Oh Juwan definitely goes by the Belichick playbook of generic coach speech, and I am definitely not the best at reading him lol.

He just legitimately seemed high on him and was over complimentary. Whether “we need him“ equates to “we need him this year” is going to be interesting. He also said today that we “need“ Joey Baker, fwiw. So that’s my baseline lol.

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I enjoyed the read Connor. Thanks!


i really hope he’s the 6’8” super defender we desperately need.


Beilein’s nervous tick with his lip definitely helped tell his true feelings about something.


To whoever flagged my post, I’m not sure how you perceived it, but it was just a silly joke about a “40 minute drive” from Ann Arbor to Dearborn.

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