We must win the

The next four games. We can’t afford to drop any of them. If we play average we should. But if we lose even one it will not be a good look. 7-2 in conference play would put us in good shape.

If we are any kind of contender you win the next 7.

True Indiana is an interesting match up for us with Blackmon out now. I fear they can match our outside prowess but one up us down low with Max and Bryant. Getting levert back and in the flow again is becoming crucial at this point. I fear he may not play again. Early signs without him were positive as the ball movement and balance of the attack was great. Now it’s apparent we need him to go next level.

I always felt we matched up well with Maryland and state. Even Iowa. Purdue is the only team that’s tough on us. Although I thought we even had a shot there if Irvin could make swanigan pay. But if we lose any of these four I’ll be very disappointed. 7-2 and 17-5 overall is nice. Let’s take care of business. Also some good games to get Wagner and Wilson more work. Dawkins to. Finalize our rotation and roles for a stretch run.

Agree on the next 7 making us “any type of contender” provided we have Caris back for IU. Not sure we need him, but wouldn’t want to trot him out there against MSU w/o figuring out how he best fits in with some of the growth we have seen.

@Nebraska is the only thing that gives me a bit of pause. Not an easy place to get Ws, and their team has some weapons even if they are inconsistent. Not dependent on Caris, but would certainly make that look safer. 7-2, or 10-2 in B1G both sound like we are in the mix through 3/5 hosting Iowa.

If they get better play out of Walton then they can go on a run. Since Caris got injured Walton has played very poorly.

Walton in the past 4 games

11.5 PPG
33% shooting
14 assists
10 turnovers
6 rebs per game

Still surprises me that nobody brings up how poorly he’s shooting and how he doesn’t distribute the basketball well for a PG. Maybe Levert can take over PG duties and move Walton over but I am not sure I want a SG who has been shooting 33% either.

I wouldn’t want to be classified as being super high on Walton, but the rebounding is amazing for a guy his size. his 3pt% is more than solid, and he has taken far more risky/through traffic passes for assists than he had in the past (some have worked out well, some have not). 2pt% awful and some of the turnovers as well, but not sure he should be condemned at this point. Caris playing (even if he were just a decoy) creates tons of space which nearly always leads to better shots and more assists for everyone. I acknowledge though that its sort of punting the problem to next year, but the 3s and rebounding shouldn’t go w/o some praise.

It’s hard for me to hate on Derrick considering he gets many tough boards and works so hard to do so. Also he single handily saved us from a meltdown, preserving our win versus Maryland. He came down and hit some clutch one in one and also very tough shots when the rest of the team froze and was about to allow Maryland to get away. If we win these four and take care of business we could jump into the top 25.

Losing one of the next four isn’t going to keep us out of the tournament. It’s the Big 10…you lose and win some games you’re not supposed to. It’s been like that forever.

How about his play against Iowa with 11 of his 14 shots being 3 point shots? How about Gessel pretty much shutting down any penetration from Walton and getting him to settle for bad shots. I just believe for this team to be better with or without Levert it’s Walton who needs to step up.

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I really won’t feel good if we lose any of the next four. So far three of our losses are versus top ten teams.another versus Purdue a top fifteen I believe then uconn. So far we have taken care of business against the teams we should have. I hope the trend continues.

Also ton the Walton debate I find a lot of Michigan players fall in love with the three ball to much. He’s one that can get to the rack and get fouled. I hope he does so. But I’m not gonna slam him because I really feel he saved us and got us our marquee win. Everyone needs to step it up a bit. I still prefer a lot of his selection over Irvin’s. I believe he will step up. Some of those turnovers to happen when guys bobble the ball or midhandle it. My boy Dawkins is the culprit on at least four of those.