We have such great coaches and then some awful ones

in this conference.

I can’t hold my tongue anymore. Turgeon is an AWFUL coach. It’s outrageous how little he gets out of that talent.

And Fran McCaffrey is the the Prince of the Choke. He has three timeouts in his pocket, his team is dead tired, his big man can hardly move, these are crucial possessions and he thinks he’d like to ride home with three in his pocket.

It can’t be a coincidence that this happens at the end of every season to his teams.


Mark Turgeon has won 50 games the past 2 years and 24+ conference games the last 2 years and he’s awful? Tough crowd.

His teams lose games they shouldn’t lose every year. He’s had top of the line recruits and there’s just nothing. What has he won one game in the NCAA tournament while he’s been at MD? Yeah, that’s great.


I am strictly counting what he has done as a B1G coach. I don’t really care what he did at Maryland as it had zero effect on the B1G. They lost in the 2nd round last year to ND after Trimble suffered a concussion and was knocked out of the game. What does Turgeon at Maryland in the ACC have anything to do with what he’s done in the B1G?

I guess it depends on your definition of a great coach… There are 2 type of successful coaches… great recruiters and great X and O guys.

Great recruits, but average XO guys- Matta, Turgeon

Average recruiters, but great XO guys- Beilein, Bo Ryan, Collins

The special coaches are able to be great at both- Izzo

But, I will agree with you, that if McCaffrey was our coach, I would struggle with many of his late game decisions…

Turgeon has recruited ok not lights out by any means. He’s had one 5 star recruit in Stone, a few 4 stars in Trimble, Layman, Cleare(transfer), Peters(transfer), Wiley(hurt). He did get Carter a transfer that has been huge for them.

UM if you struggle with Fran’s late game coaching how do you feel about JBs?

Albrecht- great points… I do wish we would go after a few more transfers/5th year guys, but I understand that is not our culture, which I respect.

Prattd- It has depended on the year to be honest. I still can’t understand how we have struggled to inbound the ball. (not as bad this year as in past). Having a play maker (Burke) changes everything. We obviously don’t have that now, so I believe we have to “run a set” to get someone an uncontested shot. Where I have really struggled with Beilein is our defensive late game strategy. Giving up uncontested shots, opponents getting to half-court with ease with a few seconds left, not switching hand offs, etc… But, that could just simply be a philosophy difference between him and I.

Agreed. 1-3-1 against OSU not putting a guy on the ball at Wisconsin.

Not fouling Trey Demps last year? We can pick apart every coach for late game decisions. Ironically the first couple coaches mentioned in this thread both have outperformed Michigan the past two years.

The past two years, lol. Selective sample much?

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There’s a difference between single play calls that aren’t good (we do seem to struggle when, say, we have one last shot to win the game or face overtime - much of this has to do with the lack of one dominant one on one player - that’s the best precondition for getting a shot that you want in that scenario) and total mismanagement of the endgame. Beilein tends to do very well with what he has in playing out the endgame.

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bump (ay yi yi)

Hmm - just stumbled across this topic - I certainly stand by my comments in this thread.

Turgeon seems like such a nice guy, but man, is he bum awful. And has anything changed with Fran?

And it would seem we just added another high level coach at Illinois.

I don’t think ASF even posts here anymore, but wow. What awful logic. The original topic was about how good a coach is. Should we not judge them based on their whole body of work?

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Sometimes, of course, on online forums and comments sections it’s not about having a discussion, it’s all about playing defense for a contrarian point and wearing others down with sheer persistence.

Logic be damned.

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No it isn’t.


Is too! :grinning:


From way back I’d add development to recruiting and X’s and O’s as coaching measures. The last things a coach needs are organization and how they handle pr. The last two are more about keeping a job than winning any 1 game though.