Warde was right to move quickly - Cal to Arkansas dominos

I saw the news about Cal heading to Arkansas and breathed a massive sigh of relief.

Worse case scenario after Juwan was fired was Warde waiting until the tourney was over, then watching Kentucky swoop in and stealing Dusty May.

Can’t wait for next year. Go Blue!

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Kentucky wasn’t taking May–it has far higher asperations.


But someone else probably would have. I don’t think he’d still be out there two weeks after FAU’s season ended.

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Pretty sure Louisville was about to sign him until Michigan swooped in

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Preferred Vanderbilt.

It’s funny, I pinged a buddy of mine that is decently connected, after the search. I didn’t want to be that guy who was asking what he knew during the search.

But I took the opportunity to ask him the ‘what if’ if Dusty didn’t accept and man…from the sounds of it, we dodged a bullet. His response: “people would probably be surprised how close we were to someone like LaVall Jordan as the head coach at Michigan”

(For the record, I have no problem with LaVall personally but point being, seems like a pretty big step down from Dusty to someone like LaVall)

I prefer to not think about that possibility

Lol Same here!

As much as I liked him as our assistant, I’d definitely be underwhelmed if we hired a coach that Butler fired two years ago.

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I do not believe that Jordan was anywhere in play as the head coach. When he was asked who he would recommend or his thoughts on candidates he frequently replied “what about me?”
There were a couple of prospects that had they been hired would have likely brought Jordan on as staff.

Even if a “buddy decently connected after the search” said so? :thinking: :rofl:

Not sure if I respect this or am deeply embarrassed for him


Sounds real humble. Along the lines I would like to congratulate myself and nobody else.

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