Walton X-rays negative

Best news under the circumstances. Sit him for HBU if need be. Get well soon Derrick!

More on Walton.

I’d be surprised if he played against HBU.

Definitely good news for the rest of the year. Let’s hope it doesn’t linger and he’s ready for Tuesday.

I’m hoping he can gut it out against SMU (coming off a week of rest) and then get more rest before conference play. The SMU game is so so important. A win would drastically change our resume.

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It will definitely be a nice win. I can’t wait to come here and see people downplay it by saying SMU isn’t a Kentucky/Duke/Kansas type win.

SMU would be a huge W. They’ll win a lot of games in the American and even though they can’t play in the NCAA tourney, they still will be a great RPI win, especially on the road.

Thank god. Hope he is back for SMU

Is this what the board has come to now. Throwing the opinion of others back in their face? Sounds like a great time…