Wagner's Potential

Wanted to throw this question out there for the board: What is Wagner’s ceiling? He is obviously skilled for a big man, has a nice looking shot and good moves. He will also add strength this offseason. The biggest question I have is if he is athletic enough to develop into a threat for us in the coming years?

I think he’s at very worst a decent athlete explosively (not terrible like Donnal or Doyle). Also very fluid for his height IMO (but we’ll see how he maintains that after adding 20+ lbs). I don’t think athleticism is gonna limit his college upside.

I think he has a lot of potential. The hardest part for him will be his ability to stay in AA for the summer and really develop physically. I don’t know if he’ll have national team stuff in Germany like a lot of the foreign players do. I kind of reminds me of McGary with his energy (not his body). If he continues to develop I could see him as a Zeller (Cody or Tyler) type player towards the end of his career. I think a lot of people would be happy with that type of production.

I think his ceiling depends on how much he wants to work. I think he can be the starter at the 5 next year if he adds the needed strength and weight. I can’t wait to see him as a junior.

I loved the very fluid way he put that dunk back last night–obvious strong presence of mind.

As I just said in another thread, I think his potential is through the roof. He has a long way to go obviously both mentally and physically, but his skill/athleticism/size combo is terrific. It’s very hard to project bigs especially when you don’t know their goals or mindset but i could see him being a big focal point his junior year.