Vs Nebraska game thread

Here’s to hoping this one goes better. Go Blue!

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Here we go…

A miss on an open three!!!


Nice fake by DJ

Nebraska living at the rim.

A couple of good box outs by Mo so far.

You’ve gotta convert that fast break, though…

As opposed to normal, where this team needs to see the ball go through their hoop to get some spring in their step, today it looks like they are boosted whenever the ball doesn’t go in Nebraska’s hoop.

Like seeing three players go to the floor.

Nice play by X

And then gets bullied on the other end

How is that not a shooting foul on Duncan?

The forum isn’t working with my Firefox. I hit “Reply” and then the text box doesn’t have a reply button for me to submit it.

Had to get on stupid Microsoft Edge to tell you guys that lol

Okay now firefox IS working

This site and Firefox have issues, I use edge now as well

Bad sequence for Duncan there…

Just for this site or in general?

I love Firefox. Edge would be hard to get used to.

No problems on Chrome

Oh man…Mo…

Very not good

Man this D is still porous