Video: Zavier Simpson, Ignas Brazdeikis talk Spain prep



Zavier Simpson continues to impress me. Not only his work ethic or defense on the court; his cognizance, his ability to realize what makes a team, a team. Am enjoying his growth as player, and a leader.


Z just got me so fired up.

Iggy saying JB told him he’s going to play a lot of minutes at the 2 and the 4 seems a lot like “we need to get this kid on the floor and Charles isn’t coming off it”. I don’t remember too many (any?) freshmen that have played both in the backcourt and the wing 3/4 spot during their first year


We haven’t had anybody play 2 and guard 4s as a freshman I think. But Poole played forward exclusively to start the season and then started playing guard as well about halfway through the season.


Yeah I was going to say Poole was the only one in recent memory but by the end of the year he was also playing like 8 minutes a game only…my guess is Iggy has a much bigger role but time will tell


Caris did a little bit


Iggy’s confidence seems sky high and he did a good job of keeping Charles in front of him.

DD seemed a little bit in shock by how fast you need to be to stay in front of Z.

Nunes looks like a great natural athlete.

Davis had a great pass!

Liked the way Teske looked shooting that 3!

The length of Poole’s shorts is getting into Daisey-Duke territory.


Z seems to be a born leader to me not only on the court but will be in life. I can relate to his fear of flying over water also.


Novak was a 2G to start but ended up at the 4 because that was the only place to put him with Stu and Manny. That’s the only other player I can think of though.


Yeah, that quote makes a lot of sense. Sure, Iggy has to learn two spots, but that helps you get to a more manageable rotation and he can fill the gaps. Speaks to the positionless language that we’ve used often here in the past few months.

Iggy can play the 2 or 4 on offense. Livers can play the 4, maybe defend the five. Johns can maybe play the 4 or 5. Matthews at the 3 or 2. Poole at the 2 or 3.

Then you have Matthews and Simpson who are very good defenders and can guard multiple spots which allows you to mix and match the rest.


He must have hit some bad turbulence flying to Maui last year. Nothing fun about flying over a vast body of water and the plane responding like its hitting potholes on Michigan roads


Don’t sleep on Livers on ball D. He’s very strong and can really move his feet. He and Matthews, and Simpson are excellent on ball defenders imo