Video: Watch Michigan's exhibition loss to KK Mega Bemax

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Free for everyone today to watch the whole game


After watching 1st quarter highlights I’m just thankful nobody was injured due to poor footing. Everyone seemed to be on ice skates.

I was hoping to see the 5th quarter for the reserves. Do you have a recording of that?

I dont unfortunately.

I don’t watch a lot of European basketball. The officiating seems incredibly inconsistent and hand checks are being called REALLY tight (even tighter than here where it has been emphasized recently). Is this typical? I’m only 11 minutes into the first quarter and the game has felt really bizarre, from the officials, to the support on the hoops to the and even to the bounces the ball seems to be taking.

It is preseason for the refs too :slight_smile: the game against Mega Bemax was incredibly whistle happy (and Michigan missed a lot of free throws). I’m sure that games end up being called differently due to the subtle rule changes and styles of play.

As a former high school basketball ref, I am sympathetic, but it also drives me way more crazy than it should. Thanks for posting this, it’s a great appetizer for the season!