Video: Tom Izzo talks loss at Michigan

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Video: Tom Izzo Shits His Pants


Did he seriously chalk it up in part to “we’re different without Josh Langford”

Langford hasn’t played since the midterm elections.


It really smells of Izzo setting up the Langford excuse as a reason the team didn’t meet preseason expectations (if they flame out of the big ten race and tourney).

And to some degree I get it, but he wasn’t around last year either.


Tom Izzo can smell my ass


How does a clearly worded question about the difference in Michigan with and without Livers immediately spark a “Well, we don’t have Langford” response from Izzo? smh.


Exactly. I wish a reporter would have mentioned that Juwan had to adjust not having Livers mid season. Izzo has had over a year to tinker his lineup without Langford. Completely irrelevant and par for the course for Excuse Izzo.

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Izzo spent like 2-3 minutes complaining about turnovers and MSU had their best TO% in a conference game, by a lot (9.9%, next best 14.2%).


Including 1 turnover in like the last 35 min smh. Honestly, Id be salty too if the best I could muster is .500 record against our historically inferior rival, while trotting out one of the best PG’s to ever play in the B1G