Video: Saddi Washington, Jett Howard and Hunter Dickinson talk accountability, Penn State


Some interesting stuff in here from Hunter Dickinson especially but really everyone who spoke. Some players only meeting stuff, etc.

Sounds like it was Jace that called the meeting. I know some people were asking.


This is so awesomely predictable after hearing fans say “how open can they be about the staff when 2 of Juwan’s sons are on the team”.

This was never a meeting about the coaches!! These guys needed to look in the mirror, and they needed to trust each other.

I don’t even understand what it would mean for the meeting to be about the coaches. What would a players-only meeting about the coaches entail?


I honestly don’t know, I was just surprised to read that take from some.

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Jace: “we need to have a meeting”
Everyone: “okay”


Jace: “guys we stink”
Everyone: “yeah your dad plays you like you’re our sixth man”
Jace: “dang you’re right”

at the next Howard family dinner

Jace: “dad can you play me less”
Juwan: “sure”

beats Maryland by 35


I usually don’t have time to watch pressers (thank you for posting them!) but I’ve always imagined the beat guys love HD. His analysis of Penn St. was akin to a coach’s take, and the bit on Shrewsberry’s close out tiers (lmao at Rondo Closeout) was hilarious.

In the next breath he’s going viral for calling Wisconsin the scumbags they are, which while true, may not be the most advisable opinion to share. Just a day in the life of wrestling heel/truth teller.

Difference between his presser and his Bar Stool pod.


I’m glad to hear it was Jace that called the meeting. I wonder sometimes if he reads or hears the things fans say about him, but he seems like the sort of guy who’d actually reflect on useful criticism and dump the rest.

He is the epitome of the coach’s son (he’s a better interview than his Dad!) and clearly a leader on the team. Calling a meeting is no guarantee that everyone leaves the room in the right place, so Jace deserves some credit for that too.


Exactly. He’s got great range.