Video: Roy Williams recaps loss at Michigan

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John Beilein makes hall of fame coaches say this in November

Not sure I have seen a coach angrier than he was. To be fair he gave us a lot of credit when asked, but good grief.

Michigan sucks the fun out of the game for the opposing coaches and players, again, and I confess I love every second of it.


I obviously love Roy, but damn… Some of the coaching decisions in that game were frustrating even as a slight Michigan lean.

This team will give many teams fit. How many times you see a team with the PG and center concentrate mostly on defense and the one-two punch come from the 3-4 positions.

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How did you feel about the UNC starters on the bench for so long. You think the risk was worth the point he was trying to prove?

Roy Williams will gladly take an L if it means sending a message that he thinks will help down the road. A lot of takes after the game about him being a terrifible coach including criticism from me, but my day after take is that he simply wasn’t playing to win, he was playing to get something good out of a game that he could see was already trending very poorly for his team. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt.

If you guys remember, Beilein benched several starters last year at UNC and then Michigan made a late “comeback” that made the game appear slightly closer.

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Roy Williams gets a lot of talent, but 3 championships and 9 F4s, plus all the conference titles, well, it’s not shabby. Sometimes he seems a little inflexible – they’re going to do things a certain way, run and rebound, and if you can stop that, well, they’ll just try it some more – but it’s often pretty hard to stop.

Everyone emphasizes different things. I do wonder if his lack of focus on the 3 at both ends will catch up to him, but it’s not like he hasn’t had recent success.

I’m fine with his stubbornness because, unlike Izzo, it’s shown to be something that can consistently win championships, even in the one and done era.

Just a little note: Roy stood by the scorer’s table and clapped for each of Michigan’s starters and the UNC team watched, instead of the traditional coaching during announcements. I can honestly say I’d never seen that before and thought that was rather class of him to do.

Some of those coaching moves were baffling, but there’s no shame in sending a message against a good team on the road early in the season. But man, it seems like some UNC guys (Coby and Nassir, mainly) just totally lost the plot at times trying to do too much.