Video & Quotes: Juwan Howard, Eli Brooks recap win over LSU


I’ll add video to these when the NCAA posts them – still waiting.

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Big “oof” to the reporter who said “Elite Eight” when they meant “Sweet Sixteen.”

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Video in there now.

OK, so I hope everyone listened to this press conference. Some have said Juwan hasn’t always been good at handling these pressers, well he sure as heck (wanted to use another word) is now. He is very adept at it. That cannot be questioned in my humble opinion. Great job by both of these fine young men (I’m 74 and Juwan is my son’s age and I have a daughter older than Juwan, so, he is a “young” man to me).

I also hope everyone listened to Juwan talk about what coaches look for. As a long time coach myself I often get upset with some of the comments I read on the message board that I know are not coming from coaches. I know we all have our opinions about players and coaching decisions and I respect that, but please listen to the way our coach, Juwan Howard, talks about our players and the contributions they make to our team, and to the success of our team.

“It doesn’t always show up in the box score.” Listen to the way Juwan talked about Mike Smith, for instance, and what Mike means to the team and has meant to the team. Coaches look for things that sometimes others don’t see. I don’t mean to be condescending in any way, I really don’t, even if I may come across that way, at times. I just really respect the things I hear from Coach Juwan and from players on the team, those in the battle, when discussing their teammates and this team. Great press conference. Both of these “young” men did a fantastic job!

Oh, and senior leadership. This team has it. Great coaching, and senior leadership, and talent, this team has all of those elements.


What I liked was Juwan let it go and didn’t embarrass the guy. Maybe the guy just knows Juwan and the boys will make the elite 8.:wink: